Clark Internet Publishing

What we do...

Built to order - recent emphasis:
  • database and content management
  • biodiesel, yellow grease, trap and line jetting scheduling & routing
  • general pickup and delivery, routing and activity tracking
  • artist and industrial product profiles, portfolios and catalogs
  • online magazine and newspaper adaptations
  • specialists in web services for non-profit organizations
  • editor/operator training
  • easy to build template-based sites
  • do-it-yourself content editing
  • cost-saving, built-in content-management tools
  • no new hardware; no new software; no webmaster
  • proven in continuous service with > 99% uptime since 1994!
  • point, click, publish!
  • Social networking integrated into your business or organizational site.
  • Your members' data serves them and you, not 3d party advertisers.
  • Activate in minutes under your own domain; easily learned.
  • Fully integrated with blog(s), forum(s), photos, videos, podcasts, private messaging...
  • Build a new site or attach our social networking tools to your existing framework. Call today!

Whom we serve

Our diverse clientele includes: businesses, government and political groups, educational institutions, community services, churches and other affinity groups. Our sites and applications are about your needs not our vanity.

How we work

OUR NEW CLIENT HAD A PROBLEM - The home grown company website was full of obsolete information and broken links, and it was like pulling teeth to get it updated. They needed better integration of the company newsletter, photos, forms, FAQ, bulletin board, and directory with a consistent interface and powerful editing tools. Sound familiar?

Graphic montage of web pages. A small business website with home page, newsletter, confact form and more can be on line in under ten minutes.
Includes automated navigation, newsletter, FAQ, and forms manager; up to ten general purpose pages with flexible design; one year on line prepaid; many extras available.

photo of three story brick building housing Clark Clothing Company in Everett.
Click to enlarge.
Antecedents: Clark Clothing Co. (AKA Clark's Department Store), early 20th Century, Hewitt & Wetmore Streets, Everett, WA.

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