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Sitemaker CMS℠. Our content-management and easily used layout tools put you in control of your web site. Extensive experience with non-profit organizations, integration with legacy systems. Publish from our proven hosting platform. Update your site instantly right from your desktop. No special hardware, software or technical personnel are needed in your office. We help to take the mystery out of the Web and get the webmaster out of your way.
  • Universal Features: automated, database driven page generation and HTML/CSS management. Type or paste content into forms, make layout selections, and save your work. When ready, activate your new content.
  • Standard Tools: layout manager, blog, forms generator, FAQ manager, image gallery, event calendar.
  • Professional tools: business directory, personnel roster, discussion forums, podcast manager.
  • QuickStart: One-hour website with home, blog, contact form and up to 10 custom pages with your prepared content. Creative services extra. After professional setup, edit and update using simple forms.
  • Need more support? Our Journalmaker service adds creative services and a professional support plan.
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CIC-CRM software as service supports custom field operations and reports appropriate to your business using our robust, secure, customizable, database-driven structure—in service over more than 10 years. Use it from our servers under your domain, e.g.,, on office computers, tablets and phones.
  • Organize customer accounts, service locations and contacts
  • Analyze past services provided
  • Schedule new and recurrent services
  • Support remote sensing
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History Museum in Johnstone Scotland on our Platform
Clark Internet supporting an online history museum in Johnstone, Scotland, whence came my maternal grandmother's parents in the early 1880s. The local history society sent us this... Continues...
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