Clark Internet
Social Networking with Sitemaker
Let your members interact
This service includes personal profiles, groups, forums and more ways for members of a social or business network to communicate privately and securely. It is a viable alternative to commercial social networks, and is intended for alumni clubs, religious organizations, ethnic societies (language services supported) and others.

Interactive member features

Personal profile, status & identify
name & user-selected contacts with strong privacy settings
Personal updates
Groups, examples: Religious missions, alumni classes
Forums (bulletin board, discussion threads...)
Optional obituary service

System & editorial features

  • Podcasting
  • Audio-Video streaming
  • Contextual publicity
Revenue options
  • Subscriptions
  • Sponsor directory
Editing & administration
  • Point, click, paste editing
  • No technical skills required for basic service
  • Do more with HTML/CSS if desired

Special Applications